Naval Petty Officers School
"Admiral Ion Murgescu"




The Educational Process



Provides Petty Officers education and professional training necessary for Romanian Naval Forces, other appointees from National Security System, Defense and Public Order, as well as for external appointees when cooperation protocols are signed.  

Basic objectives of the Naval Petty Officers School

  • Provides scientific training at post high-school level;
  • Provides Petty Officers graduates called “Maiştri Militari” (MM) able to lead and manage small military organizations (platoons, squads, battle stations, crews);
  • Trains technicians and work managers skilled to maintain, repair and operate systems and subsystems;
  • Provides Petty Officers with high sense of duty, integrity and loyalty for the Naval Forces;
  • Ensures that future graduates have high sense of responsibility for their own professional development;
  • Provides initial specialization in service and the skills training required for the first assignment as P.O. fifth class;
  • Develops combat training skills.

The level and the training period


Training syllabus – organised in units of training

a) common military training modulus - basic military training:

- general basic military training;
- leadership training;
- seamanship training.

b) basic scientific training:     

- training in speciality profile;
- training for the first assignment;
- training to lead small organisations.   

c) speciality training.

The general structure of the educational years

The graduates are awarded:

- Professional proficiency certificate
- P.O. Licence
- Rank P.O. V Class